Korean for the English Speakers (KR4ES)

바른소리 (bareun sori)

바른소리(Right Sound/bareunsori) was developed by the 국립국어원(National Institute of the Korean Language) to teach correct pronunciation of Korean for English speakers.

Click hear(바른소리) to open the study site, and start your study by selecting [Guide(study guide)] or clicking one of the following menu in the screen. 

- Elementary Korean (한글의 기초/hangeului gicho)

- Vowels (모음/moeum)

- Consonants (자음/jaeum)

-  Sound Changes (음소 변동/eumso byundong)

- Intonation (억양/eokyang)

- Appendix: Glossary (어휘/ eohui)

Reading Korean(한글 읽기)

Writing Korean Letters(한글 쓰기)

Video Lessons to learn basic Hangeul(한글)


한글(Korean Alphabet/ hangeul or hangul) is very easy to learn because it was invented as a systematic and creative sound writing system.

It won't take no more than one week to master the reading and witing 한글.

Click one of the following links to start your learning and writing Korean.

Learn 한글(Korean Alphabet) in 30 minutes

Learn Hageul in 20 minutes

Learn Hangul in 90 minutes

Learn Korean Alphabet ( Consonants and Vowels)